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Industrial Electronic Repairs

We are a Component-Level repair facility!

Get fast turn around from industrial electronics repair experts!

Our Industrial Electronic Repairs Division can maintain, repair, refurbish, or rebuild any type of industrial electronic equipment.  We handle just about every make and model of electronic industrial products, including both domestic and foreign.  If you need to get your equipment fixed but you don't see it here, please contact us through any of the various means available or use our online form to inquire.

Industrial Electronic Repair Services

Circuit Board Repairs
GE Fanuc, Allen Bradley, Modicon, Siemens, More...
Hewlett Packard, Tektronics, More...
Industrial Chillers
PolyScience, More...
Test Equipment & Analyzers
Hewlett Packard, Tektronics, More...
Hewlett Packard, Tektronics, More...
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
Crest Ultrasonic, Branson, Foreign or Domestic...
Temperature Controls
Gammflux, Barber Coleman, Ameritherm, Eurotherm, More...
Circuit Boards
GE Fanuc, Allen Bradley, Modicon, Siemens, More...
CCTV Camera Systems
UEMSI, Bosch, Phillips, Cues, More...
More to come... Stay tuned!

Industrial Electronic Engineering Services

Cable & Wiring Harnesses
Custom or OEM Cables, Wiring Harnesses, More...
Reverse Engineering
No Schematics? - No Problem, More...

Ultrasonic Welding Equipment Repair Services

Converters & Transducers
Ultrasonic Converters, Transducers, Boosters, More...
Ultrasonic Systems
Thrusters, Actuators, Complete System Repair, More...
Power Supplies
Ultrasonic Power Supplies, Generators, more...
UWR Website
Visit Our Ultrasonic Welder Repairs Website

Industrial Monitor & Video Equipment Repair Services

Alphanumeric Displays
Single Line Displays, Multiple Line Displays, More...
LCD Displays
LCD Screen Repair, LCD Retrofit Installations, More
Video Monitors
Xycom, Cutler Hammer, Allen Bradley, GE, Uticor, More...
Touch Screen Monitors
Xycom, ELO, Allen Bradley, Uticor, Modicon, More...
CRT Displays
Cutler Hammer, Eaton, Husky GE Fanuc, More...
IMR Website
Visit Our Industrial Monitor Repairs Website

Power Supply & AC / DC / Servo Drive Repair Services

AC / DC / Servo Drives
General Electric, Yaskawa, Okuma, More...
Power Supplies
Hewlett Packard, PowerOne, WestAmp, More...
Speed Controls
Dan Foss, Cycletrol, Yaskawa, More...
Power Supplies
Hewlett Packard, PowerOne, More...
Speed Controls
Dan Foss, Cycletrol, Yaskawa, More...
Coming Soon
Visit Our Industrial Power Supply Website
Component level electronic repair
RIS: A World-Class Facility...
  • Over 46 years of experience serving Industrial Customers
    in New York, the United States, all across the globe.
  • Tens of Thousands of Industrial Electronic Repairs to date!
  • Thousands of New and Refurbished products available.
  • Yes, definitely Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Rochester Industrial Services - Proud to be American!
Ultrasonic Welder Repairs gives you the works - Not Band-Aids®

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